Lisa picked up her first instrument (the clarinet) when
          she was 11 years old.  As a child of the 60's, she was
          exposed to the Philadelphia sound, and of course, all
          of that GREAT Motown music of the time which inspired
          her to experiment with, not only her voice, but with the
          guitar and piano.  In the 70's, she discovered Janis Joplin,
          Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, AC/DC and Heart
          as major influences on her own music and writing style.

          Lisa had many favorites, and sang along with all of her 45's,
          but she was particularly intrigued by the raw power of
          vocalists like Aretha Franklin, Ann Wilson, and Donna
          Summer, and the original, unmistakable sound of Stevie Nicks.

         What was the first song you've ever written?

          I wrote my first song as a child, which I do not remember the
          name of.  However, I did write a song called "The Worst
          Song I Ever Wrote" which proves that, even as a preteen,
          I had a sense of humor.

          What was the name of your first band?

          In the eighties, I was in an all girl band called Toxic Shock
          (yes, in regard to you know what).  Most of the gals were
          married.  Actually, I think they were all married but me.
          Anyway, we were discussing names for the band, and the
          husbands came up with Toxic Shock.  One of the guys
          was in a band called Fused Junebug, and we played a gig
          together.  The gig was on somebody's property in the woods,
          and was supposed to be a pig roast.  However, they forgot
          to bring the pig!  There was a trailer with four spigots
          connected to it.  Ooh, my favorite!  Rice Champagne!
          Budweiser!  Needless to say, the crowd was very shiny
          faced and cheery.  It was a fun gig even though we had only
          been a band for one week, had one rehearsal, and collectively,
          knew only four songs.  LOL!

          What?  You name your guitars?

          "Baby" is my first born.  He is a two-toned (black and gray
          w/white pickguard) Lotus Strat copy.
          My next "son" is Howard Lindsay Buckingham Leese.  He is
          my arrest-me-flaming-red B.C. Rich Warlock.
          My next is my beautiful royal blue Washburn acoustic guitar I
          named Frankie after having had a very pleasant conversation
          with Frank Cox at Summerfest in Milwaukee after the "Heart
          featuring Ann Wilson" tour.
          After Frankie is my Backpacker whom I haven't named yet.
          Then there is Sweet Baby James, my pearl blue Fender
          And finally, I have a Les Paul Sunburst, whom I haven't yet
          named.  He's beautiful, too!  All my baby boys are!  :-)
          I have a bass guitar, also!  It's a Hofner copy.  There is
          no brand name to be found on it anywhere; only a serial

Lisa & Band

Lisa & her Strat

Lisa & Band

Lisa & Roger Fisher

Lisa & Roger Fisher

Lisa & Roger Fisher

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