Lisa can always be found somewhere in this great nation
          rawkin' away with some of the finest musicians around.

          Below is a group of some of Lisa's favorites.  Click on
          the thumbnail images to see a larger version of each pic,
          and meet some of her greatest friends both on and off
          the stage!

New Promo Shot!

Lisa V. White   Lisa playing to the crowd

Lisa & Band   Lisa & Band   Lisa & Band

Michael Walls    Fred Mosley   Jon French   Lisa at the Mic    Merritt Mapp

Lisa & her Strat

Lisa & Band

Lisa & Roger Fisher   Lisa & Roger Fisher  Lisa & Roger Fisher

Lisa   Lisa   Lisa   Lisa   Lisa

Lisa   Lisa   Lisa & Pete   Jon   Jon

Merritt   Merritt   Rolling Circus   Rolling Circus

Tim   Tim   Lisa & Tim   Pete

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